Statusvia for Facebook via BlackBerry-Smartphones-App

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With this device you can pretend to update status or sending wall with BlackBerry-Smartphones-App to your friends. It's not real, only change the published via BlackBerry-Smartphones-App on your timeline. Before using this BlackBerry-Smartphones-App apps you must read and agreed with our Privacy Policy. Statusvia is not affiliated in anyway with BlackBerry-Smartphones-App, BlackBerry-Smartphones-App integration is created by our beloved user. All logo, trademark, and name are belong to their respectful owner.

Update Status via BlackBerry Smartphones App

Lots of Fun And Unique Apps

Statusvia is a web application that lets you use and build your own custom device for updating your status on facebook and twitter. With this apps, you can change what devices will shows up in your status as your posting devices. It is Feature Rich, light, fast.

Here are some example : One of your friends starting to show off that their status is updated via iPhone, Blackberry, Android or even an iPad. The problem is you can't do the same because you don't own one of those devices. Now with Statusvia, you can do that with ease. Just go to statusvia website - - and choose one of the device you want to use. Starting with most popular devices out there like BlackBerry, iPhone and another, or other funny apps like Santa's lap, Hell, Heaven, Nintendo, Public Telephone, or other imposible gadget. Its funny, well geekly tipe of funny.

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